Product Safety

In our effort to deliver the most natural products from farm to plate to all our consumers and stakeholders in the fastest way, food safety practices are the key part of all our processes. Thanks to our process management systems, all our stakeholders can easily see how their food is produced and what stages they have passed through. In this way, we update our processes with the most up-to-date approach and technological tools, and we keep the knowledge and awareness level of all our personnel at the highest level with regular trainings.


We make our processes transparent and traceable with GLOBALGAP applications. From the preparation of the soil to be planted to all stages of production and its presentation to the consumer, all processes are under control and every activity is recorded.

ISO 9001

With ISO 9001, we meet customer expectations, needs, and regulatory requirements and use it as the main backbone in ensuring customer satisfaction. From the organizational structure of the company to the satisfaction level of our customers, from the analysis of the collected data to the effective management of the processes, from internal audits to product design, from purchasing to sales, the quality management system adds value to our processes.

ISO 22000

The production and supply of healthy and safe foods is the most basic and indispensable element of a healthy diet. With the ISO 22000 Standard, we implement a preventive system in our institution that keeps all processes in the food chain under control together with all their influences such as infrastructure, personnel, and equipment, so that our consumers are not exposed to food-borne diseases.


We have implemented the BRC standard to improve trust in our product safety, quality. By identifying and controlling hygiene, quality and consumer health risks for our products, we establish a safe and effective process flow and determine effective preventive actions.

Organic Product of Turkey

Organic foods, including plant and animal foods, are simply used in the cultivation and processing of genetic engineering, artificial and similar fertilizers, pesticides, weed and fungicides, growth regulators, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, colorants, additives, chemical coating and These are foodstuffs where polishing agents and chemical packaging materials are not used. We are happy to offer our consumers quality fruits and vegetables free of harmful substances with our organic products.


With our Halal Food certificate, we ensure that the products taken from the farm and the field are prepared completely in accordance with Islamic rules until they come to your table. In our products, all components, processing methods, operating conditions and packaging are brought together in accordance with Islamic rules.